How to enter

The awards are open to people working in any capacity in the UK legal sector, so long as they meet the category criteria. The same principle applies to organisations and teams.

Individuals may enter a maximum of three categories.

The awards recognise achievements in the period after October 2022, although it is understood that entries may touch on events prior to this date. For example, a case may have started before then. Equally, a case may not be complete, but a significant landmark may have been reached during the time period.

Each category has its own instructions and criteria. Read these instructions carefully and take care to follow them.

When asked to provide evidence of success or achievement back up your narrative with evidence which will typically contain metrics. At the same time, set out to inspire the judges with a well-told story that paints a three-dimensional portrait of the individual, team, or business. The entry forms have strict word limits. In order to ensure an equitable process — and streamline judging for our busy panel of judges — entrants must use the online form.

Supporting evidence

One piece of supporting evidence is permitted. However, remember that the judges are only likely to take this into account if they are impressed by the entry.


It isn’t possible to include html links in the online form. These can be added to the supporting document.


Clearly marked, confidential information will be respected.

Winners Announced