Phoebe Waters, The Female Fraud Forum
Phoebe Waters
Director of Optimising Potential, Academic focused on gender equality and women in leadership, and Chair
The Female Fraud Forum

Phoebe’s mission is to contribute to the elimination of inequality globally by supporting all people to recognise the negative impact of gender inequality and to appreciate the benefits of gender equity and equality. She strives to enable individuals to recognise their rights and achieve their potential, and to clarify, across industry and across the globe, the opportunities that those individuals should not only have access to but should be supported to thrive within.

She is a Consultant and Director at Optimising Potential. OP creates and facilitates reflective spaces for individuals, teams, and organisations, supporting them to identify impactful and sustainable strategies to optimise their, and their stakeholders’ potential.

Two-time winner of Management Today’s 35 Women Under 35, she is also an Assessor at the University of Cambridge’s Institute of Sustainability Leadership (a course called ‘Women Leading Change: Shaping Our Future’) and a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Bedfordshire on the foundations of gender equality. Phoebe is a Leadership Fellow of the prestigious Aspen Institute.

Her professional background is as a corporate investigator, specialising in complex litigation and arbitration support, asset tracing and recovery, and enforcement. As part of being entrenched in the legal sector, she is Chair of the Board of a highly popular non-for-profit organisation called The Female Fraud Forum, through which with her 22 committee members, she spearheads the support for and encouragement of the advancement of women.