Lesley Wan, All Africa Capital
Lesley Wan
General Counsel & Whistleblowing Officer
All Africa Capital

Lesley has been a voracious champion of D&I throughout her career. In her previous role at Lloyds Banking Group, she supported all strands of diversity by fostering a positive culture where people’s different backgrounds, views and values are given appropriate respect at work. She led the hugely successful Breakthrough Mentoring programme to promote and retain female talent – the success of which she then used to raise the profile of other diversity initiatives including, the Rainbow Network.

Lesley is on the board of EurOut at London Business School and is a regular keynote speaker on LGBT+ issues. She is the Founder and CEO of Through the Looking Glass Charity (which provides less affluent students with rare insight into City professions) and Founder and President of The Eagle Club (which helps women in leadership positions to realise their potential and build strong support structures).  

In her senior leadership role at FBN Bank, Lesley is committed to promoting equality and meritocracy across the organisation. She uses her influence as General Counsel and Whistleblowing Officer to create a positive working culture for employees and to build trust and confidence with the FCA, the PRA and the legal and consultancy firms that she works with.